What will be on your table in 2016? (Food Life Project Day 6)

Every year new trends are forecasted – hair, fashion, make-up, entertainment, slang – and the one I look forward to each year is FOOD. What food will we see on every menu and grocery shelf this year?

According to Specialty Food News, this year will see a bigger focus on healthy, local, authentic, and fresh foods. 2016 might be my new favorite year!

on your table


So vegetables are (hopefully) nothing new on your table, but this year you will start seeing vegetables in even more places. Think ice cream, yogurt, and teas.

Blue Hill

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Numi Savory Tea

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Locally sourced foods

If you wanted locally sourced foods before you often had to go out of your way to seek it out. And it consisted of mostly produce. Over the past year locally sourced foods have been making an appearance at larger grocery chains and restaurants and 2016 could be the year for local foods. Go beyond produce for locally sourced meat and seafood.


As people seek to get closer to their food foraging has made a comeback. There are clubs and meet-ups across the country focused on the skill where you can learn from experts, share tips and spots, and just meet up with others who share an interest in natural fungi hunting. The fungi trend feeds right into the vegetable and locally sourced trends and has the added bonus of umami, or “fifth taste”.

Healthy eats

Playing directly off the other trends for the year, we will see an increased focus on healthy eats especially in the snack aisle and on the kids menu. There is also a bigger push to standardize the definitions and labels used on “healthy foods” including the recent move by the FDA to define the use of the word Natural on labels. 

Latin flavors

Now that travel restrictions to Cuba are beginning to loosen and visits to South America have increased, especially with the summer Olympics being hosted by Rio, Latin flavors are showing up on plates. And I for one am very excited about it, especially because there is a trend towards authentic ethnic cuisines instead of the Americanized version of fantastic foods. I have a feeling Miami is going to have the spotlight in this trend.

Happy eating in 2016!





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