Weekly randomness: cruffins, craft beer, and Star Wars

If you asked anyone who knows me well they would probably tell you I am organized on the outside, but a total ball of randomness on the inside. I jump from topic to topic and if something grabs my attention I will tell you about it.

So here is what grabbed my attention this week . . .


Cruffin from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, San Francisco, CA. 

The cruffin – mix between a croissant and a muffin! It might be time to head back to San Francisco 🙂

Etsy for beer lovers – Noble Brewer Noble Brewer

Homebrewers bring their best bottles to this beer club site. You sign up and get to try exclusive beers and learn about the brewers behind the scenes. Many of these homebrewers have dreams of one day owning their own brewery . . . who knows you could be trying the next big thing in craft beer.

When I was three I was reciting all the lines to Return of the Jedi so to say I am excited about this movie is an understatement 🙂

The full Monica Lewinsky TED Talk . . . she is so relatable and intelligent and you really should watch this!

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