A Parent’s Valentine Wish List

I don’t know about you, but this past week my social media feeds have been increasingly populated by Valentine shopping guides and ads for flowers, chocolate, and jewelry. Don’t get me wrong those are all wonderful ideas if you or SO other are into that sorta stuff.

As a parent Valentine’s Day has changed a bit. It is no longer about making a reservation at a nice restaurant or planning on a special candlelight dinner at home with an evening curled up together on the couch. Now it is miniature candies, paper valentines, class lists, and maybe a heart shaped pizza before bath and bed. That is to say, it isn’t just about the love between two people, but the  four people that make up this amazing family that started with the love of those two people.

So let’s get real for a minute and create a Valentine gift list that a parent would want IRL.

Pillow Time

Pillow time

An extra hour or two of sleep would be amazing. And I’m not talking the we’ve been up since 3am and I’m sneaking back to bed while the kids take a nap. I mean an uninterrupted extension of whatever sleep was cobbled together over night. I know it is asking a lot, but why not shoot high!

A Weekend Escape

View of Bayfield from the ferry

Booking something specifically on Valentine’s Day might be a thing of the past, but gifting a weekend away for a future date would be like getting a diamond ring. A little time to get away and remember why we started this three ring circus to begin with.

Learn Something New

Most of the time the only new things you are learning as a parent is that the way you were taught to do something in elementary school is no longer relevant. Even with the novelty of the relationship long gone you can still keep learning together. Enroll in a class that takes both of you out of your comfort zone and puts you back in that nervous awkward space you started the relationship in. Take a cooking class to master a complicated or new dish. Get dressed up and bring your two left feet to a couples dance lesson. Learn to shake, stir, and garnish your way through a delicious cocktail class. The possibilities really are endless.


I’m not going to lie, a little GOOD chocolate goes a long way and is always appreciated. Skip the Hershey box and get something unique, local, and crafted with skill and love. A few MN favorites: Chocolate Celeste, Legacy Chocolates, and B.T. McElrath.

pink cake

But for now, a little time in the kitchen and a homemade cake to share will do the trick.

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