November Round-up: Jerky, coffee, and lights

November is over?! It definitely doesn’t feel like this time of year around here. We are just getting snow and temps have been at a comfortable 35-50 degrees.

Well, I guess it is time to admit that another month is gone. So, here are a few things we’ve been enjoying, coveting, and anticipating over the last month.


Krave Jerky

As the second year of grad school has worn on, I’ve grown tired of the normal pack-n-go meals. I have plenty of ideas for tasty meals, but lack the time in the kitchen to prepare them. I still like to eat healhty, good tasting food though so I’ve gotten a little creative with options. New favorite is Krave Basil Citrus Jerky. Pair it with some fresh veggies and a pretzels and you’ve got a great meal on-the-go.

Dancing Goat Coffee Shop

I love my neighborhood Caribou because the people who work there and the patrons who you can always count on sitting in their specific seats make it special. But I love coffee and trying new places so occasionally we drive a little farther for our weekend cup of joe. This time we tried Dancing Goat Coffee Shop in the Dayton Bluff neighborhood of Saint Paul. The fresh beans and knowledgable baristas reminded me how much I want to take a tasting class to learn about the different beans, flavors, and aromas of quality coffee. Maybe next month!


This was our second year attending America’s largets walk through free light display. The set-up was the same as last year, but it was still an amazing sight and it just puts you in the holiday mood. Just a few tips: use one of the shuttle buses rather than waiting in the line of cars trying to pay to park at the site, it is free because of donations from visitors so if you can give a little please do so, and there are lots of places to enjoy a pre or post walk meal but we highly recommend the Canal Park Brewery. 

Travelers Box

We have travelled a lot over seas and as much as we enjoy a few momentos, we hate coming home with lots of foreign currency that we might not ever use again. So I was excited to hear about these new, easy-to-use boxes in airports. You put your extra change in and get gift cards for international brands back. Brands such as Banana Republic, Barns & Noble, Groupon, PayPal and many more. Right now they are only available in Europe, but hopefully we will see them all over the world soon. 

Anything you think I should check out or try next month? Just drop me a note and maybe you will see it in the December round-up. 


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