4 Mindset Shifts to Live a More Fulfilling 2018

4 mindsets for a more fulfilling 2018

2017 was a good year, not a great year, but that is on me. I mean it should have been a GREAT year – we took Baz on his first flight, spent a week at Disney (the happiest place on Earth!!!), celebrated little man’s first birthday, saw our first born graduate pre-school and start kindergarten, enjoyed lots of cabin time, and ended the year with a week with family in Illinois celebrating the holidays and the joy of two pregnancies.

Yet, it seemed less than it should have overall. I ended the year feeling emotionally exhausted, creatively starved, and professionally unfulfilled. Things that should have been within my power escaped my grasp and I allowed myself to lose sight of what I want my life to be about. 2018 is a fresh start to my old story and I’m using these four mindsets to activate what will be a fulfilling and happy year.

Set intentions not goals

I’ve always been good at setting goals. I plot out a path to the end and go hard at it, but I never seem to reach that satisfaction that I crave. There is always just another goal to set and work towards. I think what I’ve been missing is the intention. Deciding what I want life to be like  and not planning out every move to get there, but keeping it at the core of all decisions when opportunities appear is the intention for 2018.

Still confused by what seems like the latest buzzword? What is the difference between a goal and an intention? Check out this great post from Katherine Mackenzie-Smith to learn more.

Write Your own Definition

Did I mention I’m goal oriented?! Did I also mention I have a bad habit of comparing myself  to others? So, this year I want to focus on growing professionally according to my own definition of success. I really do not care about title, perceived power, corporate politics, or career ladders.

I do care about waking up each day to do something I love. Being so enthralled with what I’m doing that I might forget to eat on occasion or get up at 4am because I just can’t wait to get to work . . . I use to be like this and I will get back to that. I care about doing something that is emotionally and creatively fulfilling. Something that leaves me energized to explore the world and spend time with my family at the end of the day.

Daily Learner

2017 all seemed a little off for me. I was finished with grad school and work was so busy I didn’t have time to do any online learning or classes. Learning is how I thrive though so I know that I need to build this into every day in some small way – learning a new fact, skill, language – it is all on the list!

There Is No Moment Like This Moment

When you are stressed and exhausted you miss moments – lots of moments! When we took a week to travel for the holidays and I finally logged off for a few days my eyes seemed to open again to the world around me. The deer tucked back in the woods along the highway, the red barn sitting in a field of snow, the swirl of purple in a sunset . . . all of these things that I’m sure were there before finally appeared as if for the first time.

This new year is a time to take the blinders off and really look at the world. 2018 here we come!


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