February Round-Up: Life stages, cookies, and inspiration

Two months down for 2016 already?! Doesn’t seem possible, especially since we are still in the doldrums of winter weather and birthdays weren’t rousing celebrations this year (no alcohol and constant fatigue tends to put a damper on partying).

Well, I guess it is time to admit that another month is gone. So, here are a few things we’ve been enjoying, coveting, and anticipating over the last month.

Life stages

As a friend recently reminded me, seasons in life come and go. Unfortunately, right now this travel season of my life includes only domestic destinations. So I plan on making the most of even less than exotic travel plans. We are headed to Fort Myers Beach on our first real vacation in two years and I plan on finding some great food, a few local shops, and some relaxing fun. Recommendations welcome!

Cookies from France


Last year a friend who had recently traveled to Paris told me about these great cookies they had – Michel et Augustin Two Kooky Cookies. So, when I heard that the company reached a deal to have their cookies in Starbucks in the U.S. I was excited I would get to try them for myself.

I love a company with a backstory like theirs – work late nights while working day jobs to perfect their product and grow the company. I don’t normally stop for my coffee at Starbucks, but these cookies were calling my name. I opted for the dark chocolate with sea salt (bummed they only offer two varieties). They were good. I wouldn’t say they were anything special, but I am intrigued enough to want to try more of their cookies when the opportunity arises.

Looking for my own Big Magic

big magicTwo months and already three books down in my #abookamonth self-challenge. The most recent book was exactly what I needed after finishing my MBA and feeling a little lost creatively and professionally. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is more like a conversation with a friend that kicks your butt into gear by being brutally honest with you. It is a quick read for anyone who needs a creative kick start.



A few dishes join the kitchen notebook

Finally being done with classes means I have more time to try the hundreds of recipes I’ve been sitting on. The #cook90 challenge is also keeping me accountable to my own goal of cooking more and spending a little “me time” in the kitchen. Over the past few weeks a couple dishes stuck out as favorites.

greek tacosThese Greek Tacos were delicious. I opted for extra toppings so it turned into more of a Greek taco salad, but I definitely see the meat in this recipe finding its way into other dishes.

These BBQ pork wraps were inspired by a meal we had wrapalmost a year ago at a small bar in a tiny Wisconsin town. A pleasant surprise the first time around and just as good for the home version. I used the pulled pork technique from this recipe and rolled it up in a large tortilla wrap with crispy onions, extra sauce, and shredded cheddar cheese – amazing!


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